Find The Queen

​Find the Queen

Hidden deep inside every beehive lives the queen bee. Surrounded by thousands of her daughters she is the precious centerpiece of the hive. She is fed and groomed by a ring of attendants who gently stroke her body with their antennae.  They feed her a rich diet so that she can lay as many as 2000 eggs every day. She is the mother of all the bees, sometimes as many as 60,000 worker bees in a single hive.  

Every queen bee has a special perfume, called "queen substance" which spreads throughout the hive and provides the worker bees with a sense of well being and colony unity. While a worker bee may live only a few weeks, the queen can live from 2 to 5 years and in that time produce over a million workers. 

In our Gift Box Set you will find the Queen on the left divider inside the box, she is being feed and protected by a number of worker bees.  The Queen is hiding in the dark crevices of the box just like she would be in the real beehive.