Kiss the Ground

Written by Mark Damon

We have some great news to tell you about global warming. It’s simple to fix. Soil is where it all starts. Maui Bees mission and practices are based around regenerative agriculture - we recognize that the health of our world starts with the health of the soil. Kiss the Ground describes humanity’s need to focus on safe, effective and proven methods to restore our soil carbon and safely cool the earth’s climate. Altering the way we do agriculture as a society will allow us to feed the world in a holistic, sustainable way for generations to come.

Maui Bees stands by this movement and uses these principles in everything we do at the farm. Every part of our farm plays a role in providing nutrient-rich soil that captures carbon keeping it in the ground, where it belongs. We have a complete cycle here from our cows to our chickens to our vegetables to our irrigation to the food we eat. If you would like to learn more about regenerative agriculture and see how Maui Bees Farm is putting all of the lessons from Kiss the Ground to use, come along for a Regenerative Agriculture tour and learn how we are doing our part in putting the carbon back into the soil and completing the cycle.

Kiss the Ground Movie is available to stream on Netflix September 22. We’ll be watching and we hope you will too.

The must-see trailer for Kiss the Ground is finally live! Watch it and discover the simple solution for climate change.


Here are the three steps you can take in farming in order to help fix climate change.

  • Stop tilling farmland
  • Stop using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Start planting cover crops 

That’s it. If all farmland was managed by these guidelines humans could easily sequester our entire year’s global carbon footprint plus another 10 billion tons of carbon every year . We would start the natural process of building carbon back into our soils where it belongs. This would have many long term positive effects including restoring the earth’s hydrologic cycle. Rain would fall with much greater regularity. Grasslands would expand. Deserts would shrink.

Posted by Leah Damon

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