Farm to Table Dinners at Maui Bees

Farm to Table Dinners at Maui Bees Farm

Enjoy an exceptional seven-course farm-to-table experience that moves you throughout the verdant landscape of Maui Bees Farm in Upcountry Maui. Maui Bees is an all organic farm utilizing biodynamic farm methods. With stunning bicoastal views of Kaho’olawe, Lana’i, and the West Maui mountains, this early evening meal will leave you at the final course as the sun dips into the sea. The menu is created and prepared by James Martinez. With over 10 years of professional experience James creates weekly menus based on what is available in the gardens at that time. James is excited to reconnect you to the roots of the food you enjoy. We look forward to showing you all that Maui Bees Farm has to offer.

Welcoming begins at 4:00pm with a short tour through the Bee Museum and around the Farm. The first course will follow the welcoming and you will be seated. The experience will last approximately 3 hours.

Please find an example of our menu below.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have and we look forward to seeing your booking.


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What an incredible experience! I recommend this to anyone who is local to the island or visiting! Truly one of a kind experience and the most delicious food by Scott London.

Hey! Love to hear what dates your dinners are available in February and March. Let me know!
Malama pono – Suzanne

So far Thursday and Friday nights, and we hope to expand to Saturday nights. The booking dates may be seen on the Farm to table tab at Thanks so much.

Josefina Wallace

Would love to attend , I work Monday thru Friday do you ever do this on weekends?

We hope to expand to Saturday nights also, once we get going….

Here’s our review on Google Reviews! Outstanding!! Will return and bring more friends!

Do you have options for vegetarians/vegans??

Wondering if you have any options for Keiki? It sounds like it could be an fabulous educational experience for farmers-in-training…

Aloha Kalima, thank you for your comment.
We do offer bee-keeping tours for keiki, as of 11/2022, they take place once a week on Friday mornings. It’s a wonderful tour that takes you through our bee museum, and then up our farm road to our on-property hives. Keiki and adults are able to try honey directly from the hive. It’s a very special experience!

Was thinking of reservations for my daughter and husband. Is there alcohol or other beverages served with different courses. This isn’t mentioned on the sample menu.

Aloha Donna, we would love to serve you hot tea or jun (a fermented tea beverage) with your meal, though are not allowed to serve alcohol because we’re in an agricultural zone. However, you’re welcome to bring any beverages you’d like and we have all the necessary serving equipment. Most guests bring a floral white wine, and a deep earthy red. Those two pairings tend to go well with most of our weekly menus. Please feel free to email us at if you have any further questions or concerns.

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